Kenes Rakishev expressed condolences on occasion of death of Amangelda Seitkhan

Kenes Rakishev, the head of the Boxing Federation of Kazakhstan

The President of the Kazakhstan Boxing Federation Kenes Rakishev expressed his condolences over the premature death of the famous journalist, sports commentator Amangelda Seitkhan.

“We all remember his brilliant reports and comments on television. In 2000, at the Olympic Games in Sydney, he was sick with all of us, worried and rejoiced at the victories of our boxers. It is with his voice that the victories of Kazakhstani athletes are associated today” – said Kenes Rakishev.

The film about Bekzat Sattarkhanov life will be presented soon. The Kazakhstan Boxing Federation, the entire sports community deeply mourns the loss of our favorite journalist.

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