Kenes Rakishev warns of the dangers of AI intrusion in purely human things

Ethics must not be overlooked, Kenes Rakishev insists.

In his recent piece on Medium Kenes Rakishev, Kazakhstani industrialist and venture investor, warns on biases that AI inherits from the human society or invents his own. With AI technology conquering new horizons we must control its behaviour and correct it to stay ethic and make progress in the world possible.

Believe it or not, but the world itself is biased. Those who get better education, those who come from better genetic pool and able families, those who perform in schools and sports, universities and colleges are better at pretty much everything. So if, for example, our AI will have to chose the workers for particular task or filter out candidates for an employment it will do the same we do: select the best. And it will be right decision, in short term. In long term, AI will abate the inequality in the world and make it even a worse place than it was before. Because those who simply decide to follow the AI will have an excuse: it wasn’t my decision. The machine told me to do it!

So AI isn’t right? Nope. AI is right – its decision is based on a thousands of rules it creates and proves. We should not try to correct AI but we should take responsibility to take decisions on our own. To err is human, Kenes Rakishev reminds. It’s our right, not a glitch or a disadvantage. It is our privilege.

Read the whole story by Kenes Rakishev on Medium. Kenes Rakishev is investing in dozens of AI projects and he knows what he says. He invests in robotics, including those which may be used in security forces, informational systems and cyber security, Vocalis Health voice-based diagnostics and others. The ethics of implementing AI and giving a right to decide to the machine is frightening. In no way should AI be left to take decision on human-related problems alone, Kenes Rakishev insists.

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