Kenes Rakishev and the StoreDot project

StoreDot is one of Kenes Rakishev startups

Despite the leading role the modern batteries play in current industrial revolution there is physical limitation on energy storage. To make it clear: there is no magic solutions to make them store more energy. The power density (stored energy divided by weight of the battery) remains pretty constant last ten years. So the only solution to make the energy-consuming devices more convenient is to make them recharge quickly. That’s exactly what Israeli StoreDot and Kenes Rakishev, the early investor in the technology, try to achieve.

Kenes Rakishev has a weak spot for automotive industry and EV (electrical vehicles). He is also investing in robotics and drone technologies, so the extension of interest to the very core of the modern tech seems logical. Being unable to rise energy density we are able to make batteries to recharge quicker and last longer. There is an obstacle Kenes Rakishev and StoreDot people try to overcome: the faster the charge the bigger the currents, the more heat is generated and the less the battery lasts. StoreDot found a solution in using special semiconductors in schematics. But there are questions though:

  • Will the price reach acceptable levels?
  • Will the devices be sage?
  • Will they last?
  • Will they scale up?

The questions risen are far more complicated and that’s why Kenes Rakishev keeps investing and StoreDot lab keep working around the clock. The tech is already out of infancy as more and more major brands join the startup financing. And there is hope that every point in the list above will be checked soon.

What has been achieved already is five minutes to the full charge on smartphone-compatible battery and the same five-minute charge for electrical scooter. Kenes Rakishev reported that the pre-serial tests at the biggest Chinese battery factory were also successful. The devices were produced and tested in thousands. As far as I know the tests showed that the batteries are keeping their quality at least for thousand of cycles.

As for know, germanium is used in the batteries which make them quite expensive. It may be replaced with silicon and then the price will dive down. There are some unknown effects though. Silicon tends to expand and it makes the batteries loose their quality. To overcome this StoreDot is cooperating with NASA. StoreDot batteries will be tested in space!

Scaling is another problem. To become a staple for the cars and trucks the battery elements need to be bigger and thus store more energy. That’s only partially achieved for now.

Kenes Rakishev looks forward the new developments of the StoreDot technology. Now his hope is shared by the very best of major investing and technological companies. Maybe some day all these EV’s will be charged as quick as regular cars. Kenes Rakishev was brave to believe in it!

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