An entrepreneur and venture investor Kenes Rakishev in media

Kenes Rakishev is no stranger to the press. Being involved in different industries in Kazakhstan and internationally Rakishev often gets into the spotlight. His opinions are the ones to consider in many ways. He is active at the startup scene, being behind many successful and some failed projects. Rakishev’s experience in corporate conflicts earned him a reputation of effective crisis manager. He is advising own government on relation with foreign investors. Kenes Rakishev is the first Kazakhstani who made his company, Net Element to enter NASDAQ.

The other type of press occurrences of Kenes Rakishev in the media is his charity work. Aselle Tasmagambetova, the wife of Kenes Rakishev is the president of Saby foundation, the oldest private charity fund in the country. Kenes Rakishev often cooperates with other prominent businessmen to deliver humanitarian aid to areas affected by natural disasters.

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